Database Hosting Services

CooleyCore provides low cost application / database hosting (cloud) environments.

Our clients have provided feedback for a cost-effective database hosting environment; the outcome is the following two grades of hosting:


Production Grade – Utilized 24x7

When uptime, scalability, niche application subject matter experts are of utmost importance.

This is a situation where you have many application users such as designers and or site workers; for instance operators or maintenance staff. The application users demand quick, timely, easy, robust access to the information 24x7.


Cocoon hosting / Time Capsule

This environment has been setup specifically to address scenarios where clients do not want to maintain a database / application internally on their network.

Typically, this is a situation where a client has received databases / applications from projects, but currently does not require the databases / applications for operations or maintenance. CooleyCore offers different pricing options whereby we can maintain the databases (applying the service packs, and upgrades). One of the key benefits of this approach is that our clients have quick access to the application(s) and database(s) without the heavy cost of hosting it internally.

CooleyCore cocoon hosting provides the following benefits:

  • Our hosting fees are typically less expensive than doing it internally. Internal costs include: upgrading the software, maintaining databases, server hardware, network, network security, and retaining the application niche expertise
  • CooleyCore ensures that the databases / applications are within one version of the latest released version
  • The databases / applications are available for remote access to our client (based on an agreed on specified timeline)