Information Management Services

CooleyCore's team work in hand with our clients to successfully transition and sustain their engineering, and asset information management programs.

What you can expect

  • identify the complexity in the current engineering and asset information management programs. We will develop an approach that recognizes and manages the complexity.
  • focus on adoptionAdoption is essential to success!
  • deliver visible, tangible results. It is essential that your company stakeholders see something that is real to “them” (not just behind the scene benefits).
  • prioritise based on the business needs. We will target the most urgent business needs even if this means differing technology type solutions.
  • address the need for solutions at the business unit / team level. Introducing numerous small changes / solutions that address business needs that are at the team level will have a significant positive impact on the company as a whole.
  • provide a clear vision, an understanding of the urgency and strong leadership. We will ensure key stakeholders are involved and that management at all levels of the company support the program.
  • identify and mitigate risks.
  • communicate, communicate, communicate. We know in order to gain adoption, gain alignment, and to reduce risk, there is a need for clear and constant communications.
  • aim to provide end users a simple, quick seamless interface into the information. Providing a human-friendly system that enables users to access information that would normally be spread across multiple authoring systems, and databases is key to adoption.
  • choose the first pilot project very carefully. We understand the importance of building on success. We will work with our clients to determine the best pilot project to deliver.  Your success is our success!