Software Development Services

Innovative time saving, seamless, sustainable, commercial grade, business focused software solutions.

What you can expect:

In today’s economy, automation is the key to profitability.  Doing work with manual / non-robust, non-repeatable methodologies will result in your company falling behind your competitors.  On the other hand, developing software with internal resources results in many long-term challenges.

Some of these challenges include


  • Will the key resource(s) be with the company in 1 + years time?
  • Has the programmer(s) developed an application that other programmers can move into in the future?
  • Has the programmer applied the latest know how to get optimal performance and functionality?
  • Has the programmer documented the code properly?

Sustainment funding

  • In some cases, it is possible to get a key project to fund the development. However when it is time to do additional development or maintenance type development, will there be a project there to support the required programing?

Why develop with CooleyCore?

CooleyCore offers programming services that taps into highly skilled full time programmers.  Our programmers have years of experience programming software solutions for engineering companies, and owner operators across many different industries.

Count on CooleyCore to maintain the software going forward for years to come.  We offer the ability to develop software cost effectively by tapping into our comprehensive code libraries.  We also offer industry knowledgeable business analysts that ensure that the software application being built meets today’s needs and yet is set up to be scalable, adaptable to tomorrow’s.

Concerned about protecting your Intellectual Property?   We have multiple approaches that can protect and secure your expertise, and investment.