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CooleyCore is a software and services company that delivers innovation and information management strategies resulting in increased profits and growth for our clients.

Since 2008, CooleyCore has delivered high value results that have garnered long term relationships spanning 9+ years with many of our clients.  Over these years, we have earned a reputation of providing:

  • Fit for purpose niche resources (junior, intermediate, senior)
  • Cost effective implementation strategies
  • Services complemented by our industry leading software empowering our team to deliver unique, innovative and efficient solutions
  • Leadership within the Engineering Information Management (EIM) space. We bring our many years of experience working with Owner Operators and Engineering firms to develop strategies that provide high value results for your company.  CooleyCore drives innovation by spearheading SmartPlant® technical user forum sessions and by developing our own commercially available software that empowers your company to grow
  • A proven track record of delivering. We have been delivering services since our company’s inception and continue to do so today. We are there for the long term; our pricing model enables a healthy mutually beneficial relationship
  • Skilled resources with many different sets of expertise. We also have quick access to Calgary’s finest SmartPlant® experts.  CooleyCore has played a leadership role within many of the Intergraph communities.  CooleyCore has set up Change Request (CR) ranking websites for SPI, SPEL, SPPID, SP3D, SPF and SPMaterials.  Our leadership in the community has attracted some of the industry’s most talented resources to work with us
  • A co-location of resource model. Our team members can support you either onsite (in your office or site facility) or offsite (CooleyCore’s office)
  • CooleyCore software that saves money and simplifies work. CooleyCore has advanced automation software that improves safety, data quality, assists many stakeholders throughout different organizational levels, improves productivity, and reduces costs on projects and operations

CooleyCore software is certified by our Premier Partner, Intergraph.