The ultimate SPI merge analysis, tag by tag. Making merges flawless.

MCA enables SPI Administrators the ability to simulate an upcoming SPI Owner Operator merge, and or claim activity resulting in an in depth understanding of the impact (before it happens). MCA provides awareness and best practice recommendations in order to maintain high data integrity, avoiding data loss or corruption.

Identify revision archives that are incorrectly linked to specific revisions, or revision archive links that are broken and are no longer available to the end user to view.
Close out greenfield projects by using a module within MCA porting the data into the As-Built section within minutes.

Key benefits: Communicates the simulated impact in easy to understand business terms. The recommendations, and risk reduction steps result in the data being protected. Close out Greenfield projects within minutes.

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  • Protect your data integrity by tracking high risk project changes
  • Improve on – site safety by reducing concurrent engineering
  • Ensure field employees have the latest information
  • Improve efficiency by closing out low risk projects quickly; greenfield projects (no claimed records) can be merged within a few minutes


  • Quantify project close out complexity, including claimed, deleted, concurrent/shared and renamed assets; MCA provides recommendations
  • Holistically flags deliverable revision issues (across source project, As-Built, and concurrent projects)
  • Easy to use functionality to quickly close (merge) projects that have no claimed data
  • Empowers file paths stored within SPI tables such as archive file paths per project to be updated after merge / project close out

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